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5 Benefits of Spend Management for Small Businesses

by Clevon Noel

Why are businesses using spend management software? Below we have listed 5 benefits of spend management for small businesses.

Visibility – for better business decisions

Without a clear understanding of how much money is being spent, or where money should be spent, cash flow and other related challenges in your business are likely to arise. Our spend management system can provide you with data analytics and reports giving you useful information.  More visibility will help your business gain more confidence and enable you to make more informed business decisions. 

Supports supply chain, procurement & reduces the risk of over-spending

A spend management policy in your business can potentially impact savings and reduce business costs. This gives your organisation clarity on what various departments spend on marketing, training, and sales.  Spend management systems can help prevent overspending by providing you with the insights to make the right decisions for your business.

Reduce fraud & know the risks (risk management)

Fraud remains as a huge problem today, therefore, cyber security must be important to small businesses.  Some spend management systems that are secure and in the cloud are arguably less risky than amending data on an excel spreadsheet. Some cloud based spend management systems can also help to catch fraudulent invoices before they’re paid.

Saves time – more productive employees

Spend management systems can save employees time with instant approval requests. Some employees may find time being wasted trying to get approvals. At the same time the approval process may be slow given that managers may not have the insights to make the approval. With a good spend management tool this hassle can be removed. Businesses can create their own spend policies and approval controls, ideal for their own business structure and business goals. With an effective system that communicates potential decisions clearly, efficiency can only benefit from this implementation.

Enables you to adjust and grow

Due to technological advances and the shift to digital platforms, specifically now due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of online systems and access to data which enable you to make more timely and better decisions is necessary for businesses today.  Furthermore, with supply chains being disrupted, logistics and supply chains need to be looked at to ensure they are working and helping the business in such challenging and changing times. 

At Metarelic, our spend management system allows you to track, manage and approve payment requests saving your business time and enabling you to be more productive.

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